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Therapeutic Massage Uses

Posted on September 20, 2011 at 10:43 AM
Therapeutic Massage- sometimes referred to as deep tissue massage (and no, it is NOT just swedish relaxation massage with more pressure) has many different uses.
If you suffer from chronic (recurring often or never ending) back, neck, or shoulder pain or chronic headaches- your core muscles are at least a part, if not completely, the cause of it. And YES, you can find relief. The most common phrase I hear (especially with low back pain) from clients is, "I guess I just have to live with it."
Quite simply- No, you don't. And they are amazed and bewildered when that pain they have had for weeks, months and sometimes years- disappears during a session!
Myofascial Release are techniques used to release fascia held tension (fascia- the connective tissue found throughout your body that holds your skin, cells, muscles and bones together) Tension held in this tissue can cause pain anywhere throughout your body. When released, pain, tightness and inflammation can go away!
NeuroMuscular Therapy are techniques that release tension in a very specific muscle, and usually a group of them, that are holding a pain inducing pattern. Trigger points, muscles tension and immense pain are often associated with these patterns, and sometimes you won't find relief even if you stand, move, or sit. Tylenol and ibuprofen are usually used at this point to dull the sensation, but often that is not enough to irradicate the issue. It is more like a bandaid to mask the symptom of pain and inflammation. But there is help! :)
These modalities are also helpful for posture related pain. By releasing the two opposing muscles and allowing them to balance (if you think of a pully system- there are always two muscles that work against each other) and stretching and strengthening them, postures such as rounded shoulders, hunched backs, lumbar curves (low back arch), and forward head posture can be aligned more optimally, which will minimize and alleviate the chronic pain associated with them.

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