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Why Get Massage?

Posted on September 13, 2011 at 9:01 PM
When most people think of getting a massage, it is usually to relax. While this is definitely a suitable expectation, massage therapy can offer the body so many more benefits than that!
Along with a feeling of relaxation, massage also:
*activates the Parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of the "flight or fight" sympathetic nervous system)
*increases blood circulation
*promotes metabolic waste elimination
*improves the flow of nutrients & oxygen to cells
*decreases inflammation
*relieves soreness, tension and stiffness in muscles
*reduces and frees up scar tissue adhesions that restrict motion
*lowers blood pressure
Of course, this is just a small list of the physical benefits of massage. There are also emotional and psychological benefits as well.
When you commit to give yourself the gift of massage regularly, you are taking a step toward creating wellness in your everyday life. Frequent headaches can be alleviated with massage therapy. Chronic pain disappears, range of motion increases, and you are able to do activities that you may have stopped doing because of pain or discomfort.
I have personally walked several of my clients through this journey. Many of them were ready to give up hope and just accept this pain as a way of life. They came to me as a last resort. I am sure they are glad they did! Today, none of them suffer from the pains that they came to me with. They have all resumed the daily activities that their pain had previously stopped them from doing. And I am so glad they allowed me to make such a positive impact! :)

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